When is the best time to play online casinos

play online casinos

Online casinos are open around the clock and are available worldwide with their games portfolio for gaming fun and winnings at Woo Casino. Many players believe that game play is only worthwhile at a certain time of day at an online casino. They think that, for example, Mondays set up higher payout ratios or that it is worth playing on the weekends because this is when the most people play and the most winnings can be made.

All this is wrong and it is time to reconsider such assumptions. The only thing that is true is that the right timing for slot games is important. This includes having a sense of the following realities in a real money online casino: generous bonuses and free spins offered, best payout rates, and a currently bulging jackpot slot. The best time to play slots online is as soon as all the above criteria are met.



Almost all online casinos put their focus in the games portfolio on the exciting slot machines. This is not by chance, because players love slots. In a real money online casino, the payout ratios on slots (RTP, Return to Player) are always higher than any other casino game. Moreover, slots offer unique bonus features with high odds of winning, they trigger free spins with multipliers and they can also be played on mobile or tablet. On most gambling platforms, you can pick up a bonus plus free spins on slots and generate winnings without having made a deposit for it.

In Germany, gambling is currently not legalized and one is in a kind of legal gray area when playing in an online casino. Gambling will become legal when the new State Treaty on Gambling comes into force on July 1. Slots and casinos with European licenses are allowed to use German players but also now, because within the European Union the freedom of services applies, but from July there will also be German licenses and gambling will become legal.



Certain days and hours may perhaps be advantageous for gambling, although it always depends on what the online casino currently has to offer. For example, a good time for gambling is also at night, then there is no overload on the website and the setup is faster. Also, a lot of people already play in the evening until late at night, leaving behind lots of deposits that could affect the chances of winning. However, only if they are not tired, you should play.

But: no one wins more money on a slot just because it was fed with a lot of deposits overnight. However, it is a fact that more and especially higher winnings are achieved in the evening. The explanation for this is quite simple: players are mostly active in the evening, therefore – statistically speaking – winnings are paid out more often.

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