Live casino poker odds

poker odds

In live poker, the house edge is just over 2%, which is higher than the majority of table games at casinos. This obviously does not guarantee you a win, but it does give you an increased advantage when playing.

While you can learn about what Side Bets are, it’s up to you whether you play them or not. A basic strategy says that they should typically be avoided. As mentioned, the house advantage in the main game itself is around 2%. For side bets, it is typically significantly higher. For example, on Pair Plus it is either 6.26% or 6.40%. Odds vary slightly according to the paytable.

You should play aggressively when playing live casino poker. Have the same approach to the game as if you were playing heads-up in Texas Hold’em, where you play more hands than if you were playing against more opponents. In live casino poker, you should at least raise 80% of your hands.

Always raise with the following cards you have been dealt:

  • All hands with an Ace
  • Non-suited King and a five or higher
  • Non-suited Queen and an eight or higher
  • Suited King with any other card
  • Suited Queen with six or higher
  • Suited Jack with eight or higher
  • A pair of three or higher

Basic live poker tips

The strategy in live poker is similar to the strategy used in Texas Hold’em. However, in live poker, reading players or bluffing is not part of the game, which means you need to focus on other strategies. Let’s start with some basic tips.

Understand the basics of poker

Before you start playing live casino poker, make sure you have a thorough understanding of poker, and understand the basic strategy. Live poker is easy to play, and offers less pressure than other versions of poker because you don’t have to worry about things like bluffing. However, it’s hard to win in any type of poker edition if you don’t know how to play the game.

Know when to throw

Know when to throw

You don’t have to throw, or fold, as much in live poker. However, one of the most important things in poker is still knowing when to fold. If you’ve been dealt bad cards, take the small loss and wait for a better hand.

Know when to stay in the game

Once the flop is dealt and you have a hand that is just about right, go ahead and finish the hand. You certainly don’t want to fold in these situations. When you’re only playing against the dealer, your chances of winning are higher than they are in standard poker. This is especially true when you have good cards in your hand and a good flop.

Always continue if you hit a pair

If one of the cards you have been dealt makes a pair with a card on the flop, you must continue in the hand. This also applies if your cards create an inside straight draw or a flush draw.

Understanding the dealer’s position

In live casino poker, the dealer plays according to a predetermined pattern. He or she must go about playing out the best way they can with the cards they have. There is therefore no bluffing involved in the game. All you have to do is focus on playing the best you can based on the math.

Set your limits

Avoid getting carried away and leaving the game with zero left in your account, just because you couldn’t stop. While live poker is easier than the normal game and you might feel like it’s easy money, you won’t have that good feeling if luck isn’t with you and you lose it all. So set a limit on what you can afford to do. If you’ve got a profit, keep it separate from the rest of what you have to play for in the account.

Betting on flush draws

Even though you may only have a draw with a bad card, you should increase your bet when you have a flush draw. There’s a chance you’ll hit your flush, and if the cards aren’t with you, you still have the possibility that the dealer doesn’t have a qualifying hand.

Betting on straight draws

Betting on straight draws

The same applies here. Even if you have bad cards but with a chance to straight, continue in the hand. Even if you don’t hit, there’s still a chance the dealer doesn’t have a qualifying hand either.

Playing with Jack High

With few exceptions, you should fold a hand where you have jack high. You should even more rarely fold a hand with queen high, and never ever fold king high or better.

Take your time

When playing live poker through a video simulation, you should play more slowly than you would at a physical casino. However, this allows you to get more out of the game and be sure you make the right decisions that can help reduce the house advantage.

Get plenty of practice

Practice makes perfect. This may sound like a cliché, but that doesn’t make it any less true in this case. Since Mr Green lets you play with no real stakes, you’ll have plenty of opportunity to practice and increase your skills without having to risk any of your own money.

Receive bonuses

If you’re new to Mr Green, we offer welcome bonuses to new players. Take advantage of the offer, because it’s money that helps reduce the house edge. We also offer promotions to current customers, so be sure to keep an eye out for those too.

Play via the app

Our app works on iPhones, iPads, as well as Android smartphones and tablets. By having direct access to our app on your mobile device, you can play live poker from anywhere at any time. The rules and game play are exactly the same as when you play from your computer.

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