The Most Popular Slot Machines

Popular Slot Machines

A few casinos develop their own or have their casino games developed in-house, so that they are in principle unique to that casino. However, most online casinos do not develop their own games, but instead have them supplied by one or more software manufacturers. Many years ago, only a few of these manufacturers supplied games to all the well-known and largest casinos. A casino typically only used casino software from one manufacturer, and you could therefore talk about a Microgaming casino or a Playtech casino.

Today, many more software manufacturers have come on board and many casinos have started to add casino software from several different manufacturers. That’s why you rarely hear about a casino being just a NetEnt casino or something else. However, the manufacturers mentioned, NetEnt, Microgaming and Playtech, together with Play’n GO, are some of the manufacturers that supply the most games to Danish casinos.

Pølsevognen is not the only slot machine on the Danish market with classic Danish symbols. Unibet and Maria Casino also have a unique Danish slot, Danish Flip, developed by Play’n Go. So we finish with a slot that is exclusively aimed at the Danish market. Here, the aim is to hit rows of identical symbols consisting of large draught beers, delicious hot dogs, flap hats, swans and lots of other characteristic Danish “merchandise”. It’s Re-sepp-ten and red, white colours in long lines, hopefully spiced with lots of fantastic prizes. You might think it could be a bit much, but it works really well and it belongs among the popular machines that you as a Dane should try.

Cloud Quest

Cloud Quest

Play’n Go is also a major supplier of slot machines that have hit the Danes with great success. This is generally due to a nice graphics with great animations, bonus rounds and lots of wins. Cloud Quest is like that too, and there is something for everyone. That’s why it’s one of the most popular slot machines at Danish online casinos. The machine is built with 5 x 5 fields, and there are several chances to win in each round. Furthermore, there are wild symbols that can stand in for all other symbols and thus help to make some deliciously big wins.

Activate the bonus round on Cloud Quest and you can look forward to a battle with 5 different monsters. You’ll have to battle one monster at a time, and the further you get, the bigger the win, of course.

The Sausage Wagon

Danske Spil Casino uses software from many different manufacturers, but they also add proprietary games that you’ll only find at their casino. This includes machines like Klovn, D:A:D, Aqua and several others, including of course Pølsevognen. It is aimed at Danes. Yes, Denmark must be almost the only place in the world where this machine can be as popular as it has become here. With a theme that could not be more Danish, it almost goes without saying that this has become a Danish classic. Whether that’s why the Great Danish Jackpot has been triggered several times on the machine is anyone’s guess. But there are certainly several times triggered wins of several million on this machine.

Iron Man 2

Iron Man 2

We must also have a Playtech machine on the list of the most popular slot machines at Danish online casinos, and the choice has fallen on Iron Man 2. It is a very popular machine in Denmark and of course also abroad. One of the reasons for this is that it is associated with a network progressive jackpot. This means that it is associated with a progressive jackpot, which is spiked from not only several games, but also several different casinos. This means that the machine can reach astronomical amounts, which is always exciting. There’s a bit of everything in terms of bonus features and tuned wild symbols. The music is great too, and you’ll find it at a few of the casinos with English licensing.

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